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Wood Types

Below are the standard wood types. If you are looking for a different type of wood just let us know!

Wood is a natural product. Actual colors and grainlines will vary.

Doug Fir

Mixed Grain Doug Fir is a good out door wood for light to moderate weather exposure. It is a durable wood and can be stained or painted.

Eastern Red Oak

A beautiful hard, heavy wood. It does best when protected from the weather. Should not be used in direct weather exposure. It can be stained or painted.

Western Red Cedar

Cedar is a great out door wood and is suitable for harsher weather climates. It is a very soft and light wood. It can be stained or painted.

Honduran Mahogany

Mahogany is the best out door wood. It is a very hard, heavy, durable wood. It is a stain grade wood, but it can be painted.